In today’s world, the challenges that many parents are faced with and are expected to cope with in an efficient and ‘correct’ manner can at times be daunting. Women are no more limited to only their traditional role as mothers, but as working women as well. Thus, parents are simultaneously both professionals in their workplaces and parents at home with countless responsibilities in both areas and limited time to manage these roles well.

Even if one theoretically knows what being a ‘good parent’ entails, oftentimes it seems hard to take on and deal with life’s daily battles. This is where the opinion and guidance from a mental health specialist or family counselor may help define priorities, organize one’s daily activities, and of course, help to come up with ideas as to how to spend time with one’s children creatively, without projecting on the children the pressures the parents face.

Individual and group parents counseling has been applied in the last decades widely around the developing world and with much success. Parents are free to talk about everything on their minds, from problems that may be hard to cope with and find solutions for, to helping them see that they are in fact offering more than they think they are and to sharing their agonies with other parents about the present situation and future of their families. Thus, a successful outcome is defined in the choice of the expert psychologist or family counselor and parents’ willingness to be open to new ideas.