Play time with Mommy!
Toddlers, and Parents alike, come together in an educational and recreational program!

Early developmental stages are vital for a person’s typical development. The way we learn to exist and interact in our environment from a young age is filtered through our body and our senses.

According to Veronica Sherborne, the three basic aspects of a child’s development are: the capability of making relationships with others, body awareness and consciousness of the space in which they are in, and the way children move around. In order to succeed the above goals, we offer playing activities which promote physical experiences and much more!

In our playing ‘classes’ the active participation of parents is necessary as they create a safe, pleasant and appropriate environment for our little ones to move, to take initiative, to play, to communicate, to learn, to express themselves, to take charge and to achieve a level of satisfaction.

Dressing casually is a must! Be ready to roll on the floor, to move in different ways, to perform somersaults, to climb high, to explore different sounds- colors with musical instruments, to play in two’s, in three’s and in bigger groups too. We cannot stress enough how through play children, and even their parents, learn most.