On a daily basis, we come close to every child
in order to help improve his daily life.

Occupational therapy

In life, every moment is essential and we must appreciate and savour it to the fullest.

For this reason, we, through Occupational Therapy, come close to every child who struggles with self- regulating skills and help them organize their daily activities, so they can function with ease. Our experienced and specialized Occupational Therapists (OTs), help the child to improve their fundamental motor and cognitive functions, in order to achieve the maximum level of age-appropriate independence and functionality in every domain of their life (at home, at school and in their community). We address both children and adolescents with psychomotor and developmental difficulties such as: pervasive developmental disorder- PDD, sensory integration and processing difficulties, developmental syndromes, developmental coordination disorder- DCD, learning difficulties, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD, opposite defiant disorder and emotional difficulties.

A child will display a need for Occupational Therapy when he develops difficulties in one of the following Occupational domains:

  • Daily Living Skills (dressing, eating, toileting etc.)
  • School (keeping up with educational demands, writing skills, impulsiveness, organization skills, task completion)
  • Play (ability to play like children of his age)
  • Leisure Time (participation and responsiveness in after school activities- hobbies and excursions)
  • Social Participation (functionality of interaction with other children and adults)
  • Sleep and Rest (unhealthy sleep patterns)

We work with parents, we respect their requests and we view the test results. That is how our team plans the most appropriate program, which caters to the individual needs of every child. At regular intervals, the occupational therapists are in contact with the rest of the interdisciplinary team members. We perform follow-ups on the child and discuss that child’s progress and individual growth.

Psychomotor Athens

Psychomotror Athens has 3 fully-equipped halls with different kinds of swings, hammocks, trampoline, climbing wall, monsoon, balls, mattresses and other appropriate instruments and games that promote the sensory integration of children.

Our specialized staff assesses and designs appropriate occupational therapy programs based on the theory of sensory integration for children with sensory processing and adjustment disorders.

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