Children need love, attention
and confidence, in order to love
to watch and believe in themselves

Special Education

Special education is the educational intervention program for children with learning difficulties, which is adapted according to the child’s needs.

Learning difficulties are present not only in children who have a low mental capacity, but also in children with motor or sensory disabilities, emotional impairment, a type of syndrome and/or basically children who have some sort of difficultly with learning for a variety of unique reasons.

Learning difficulties are distinguished by:

  • Special learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography and dyscalculia).
  • General learning difficulties (immaturity in different learning skills).

At Psychomotor Athens™ specialized therapists evaluate the difficulties and needs of every child and design an individualized educational intervention program, specially catered to that child.

The evaluation process includes:

  • Family and Individual history taking.
  • Evaluation of learning difficulties (by use of the history taking,
    interview with the child, evaluation in cognitive domains and general observations).
  • Administration of standardized tests.

Oftentimes, children with learning difficulties also present emotional and/or social difficulties.
The disappointments and frustration which they may experience could possibly induce fear, stress, anger,
low self-esteem and many times, anti-social behavior. Together with special education, and if the need presents itself,
our team may propose an additional psycho-educational intervention program.

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