The idea that an athletic venue in which Occupational Therapy, Adapted Physical Activities and Psychomotor Therapy sessions could be held, for children ages 2 to 16 years of age, first took shape in 2010 at Psychomotor  Athens™ at Vrilissia.

Due to the high quality of its programs, Psychomotor – Athens now provides a full multi-disciplinary team consisting of: Occupational Therapists, Psychomotor Therapists, Speech Therapists, Special-Needs Teachers, Psychologists, Adapted Physical  Educators and Psychiatrists, all of whom evaluate, propose and provide therapies to children with developmental, sensory, learning, emotional and behavior difficulties.

The Psychomotor Athens™ is constructed of 2 levels, all of which are equipped with high standards of equipment and safety.  It is an appropriate setting for special education programs, as well as other psychomotor and sporting activities.

On the ground level, the reception area and 2 basic classrooms of activities (80 and 45 sq.m and 5m high) are complete with a climbing wall, a large-sized trampoline, sport benches, mattresses, therapy balls, jumping ropes, bars and other material, all of which enrich the movement experiences in children.  The specialized sensory integration rooms consist of a 5-level hammock, different kinds of swings and other suspended and non-suspended equipment. On the first floor, clients will find the speech therapy, special education and parents counseling classrooms along with a third sensory integration therapy classroom.

Psychomotor Athens™ is official member of Psychomotor Association Hellas.