Speech, language, and communication development in children influence to a great extent their psycho-emotional balance and self-esteem. Thus, his/her behavior, social adaptation, learning efforts and future progresses are also affected.

Observations in children have provided clues as to the areas of difficulty regarding speech, voice, language, communication, mastication-swallowing, and more specifically:

  • Speech and language delay
  • Speech and language disorders (content of speech-semantics, form of speech-phonology, morphology, syntax, use of speech-pragmatics and learning difficulties)
  • Articulation difficulties (dyspraxia, apraxia, dysarthria)
  • Disruption in the fluency of speech (stuttering, cluttering)
  • Hearing loss or deafness (users of sign language, users of hearing aids, individuals with cochlear implants)
  • Neurological disorders (traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, etc.)
  • Particularity in speech and language  (derived from bilingual environments)

Our experienced speech therapists deal with the evaluation, diagnosis and therapeutic intervention and in some cases, prevention, of these disorders. Early recognition and intervention is vital for a child’s personal and academic success and plays a hugely important role in their overall progress.